California New Hire Forms

California New Hire Forms Help protect your business against lawsuits with our New Hire Employee Forms Package that includes California
hiring requirements, forms, and information.

New California anti-discrimination laws and requirements are constantly being passed
for employees and those applying for work.

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Our documents, information, and instructions are drafted by licensed California attorneys to protect business owners.

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Interviewing and hiring new employees is getting to be a demanding task for employers as it gets more difficult to navigate California employment laws.

Inappropriate questions or procedures when interviewing potential new employees might place your business next in line for a lawsuit. Precautions should be taken with interview questions, background and credit checks, drug screening, and other pre-employment testing.

Not only are there federal requirements, but California has its own requirements you must follow when hiring new employees.

In some situations California employers may be liable by third parties
for careless hiring and strictly liable for sexual harassment by their supervisors. Employers who hire anyone using screening procedures
risk liability for failure to perform due diligence on all applicants.

California employment laws are the most complex in the country. Violating them has become easier to do, as shown by the large increase in employment lawsuits. Most business owners will face an employee lawsuit within five years. Should you lose, the damages awarded against you could easily range from $300,000 to over a million dollars.

Our California new hire package will decrease your chances of violating employment laws and help avoid lawsuits because of poor hiring practices.

Our California New Hire Forms Package Includes:

  • California new hire reporting requirements
  • Interview questions you should not ask
  • California discrimination laws
  • Worker’s compensation and disability requirements
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Notice of pay periods
  • AIDS and genetic testing
  • Immigration law requirements
  • California credit and background checks
  • Pre-employment drug testing
  • Medical and psychological testing
  • Polygraph tests
  • Pre-employment medical testing
  • Labor and workplace poster information
  • AIDS testing

This Package also includes these attorney-drafted forms:

  • Offer letter for employment
  • California employment application
  • Employee/employer confidentiality agreement
  • California arbitration agreement
  • Employee background check notice
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act notice


California business owners are required by law to post specific posters and notices in their workplace. Our package contains information where you can download required posters and notices free of charge. Some of these free posters and notices include:

  • Unemployment insurance pamphlet
  • Paid family medical leave act notice
  • Pregnancy disability leave notice
  • Sexual harassment notice
  • Disability insurance notice
  • Discrimination and harassment notice
  • Minimum wage poster
  • Payday notice
  • Safety and health protection on the job
  • Access to medical and exposure records
  • Employee polygraph protection act
  • Equal employment opportunity
  • Operating rules for industrial trucks
  • Notice to employees-injuries caused by work
  • Whistle-blower protections

Our new hire employee forms package was drafted by California licensed attorneys to help protect business owners when they are interviewing, hiring, and screening new employees.

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