Why Choose Employer’s Center?

We pride ourselves on being different from other companies selling business and legal forms on the Internet.

How are we different? Because all the business and legal forms on our web site are drafted and reviewed by licensed California attorneys.

Any good attorney will tell you that you only have one shot to get legal documents done correctly; in most cases, once both parties sign it’s too late for corrections to be made. The legal consequences, good or bad, are usually permanent upon signing any contract or agreement. So we know how important it is for you to get the right documents the first time around.

California has the most complex employment laws in the country, so calling a legal form “California state specific” means little if it was not drafted by a licensed California attorney.

Furthermore, some companies are offering legal forms that are not even enforceable in California like non-compete agreements, or in compliance with California law.

In some cases, these documents could cause additional tax liabilities and penalties. Incorrectly worded independent contractor agreements, arbitration agreements, employee handbooks, and the like can leave you open to employee-related lawsuits.

For these reasons, business owners should be very careful which company they go to for legal forms. Many companies sell these forms without providing any information about who is doing their work. There appears to be little or no accountability for some companies.

So how is a business owner to know which company to hire?

There are two important questions you should ask any company before buying their business and legal forms:

  1. Did a licensed California attorney draft your legal forms?
  2. Would you provide the name of the law firm that drafted the forms?

Employer’s Center will provide you with answers to the above questions, including the contact information for the California law firm that we use to draft our documents.

Furthermore, the legal forms on this web site are the same ones we sell to law firms and professional employer organizations in California. Our documents receive extensive review by legal professionals, both the ones we hire and the ones who hire us.

Judge for yourself: E-mail us at forms@alglaw.com or call us at 1-800-901-3142. We look forward to answering your questions.