California Complete Document Service

Thank you for past business. Going forward, we offer you the following attorney-drafted document services to help prevent workplace disputes and lawsuits.

California Employee Handbook Update Service

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This service includes yearly updates and information for your employee handbook from our California business and employment attorney. If you purchased both the English and Spanish handbooks, the updates translated into Spanish are at no extra charge. All updates for this  service will be sent by email.

The California employee handbook update service is $29.95.

Complete California Handbook and Document Service

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Our complete California handbook and document service includes unlimited access to all of the attorney-drafted documents listed below, plus a free CD mailed to you.

  • California employee handbook (both English and Spanish)
  • California employment application (both English and Spanish)
  • California employee arbitration agreement (both English and Spanish)
  • California employee nonsolicitation agreement
  • California employer-employee confidentiality agreement
  • California employment contract (for temporary employees)
  • California employment contract (for regular employees)
  • California employment contract (for management)
  • California offer of employment letter
  • California and federal new hire requirements for employers
  • Credit and background check notice for employees
  • California independent contractor agreement
  • California indemnity hold harmless agreement
  • California employee termination package
    (see additional information below)

California Employee Termination Package

The termination package listed above includes the following documents and information to help prevent against wrongful termination:

  • Notice of change in employment status (required by California law)
  • Employee termination checklist for employers
  • Severance agreement (employee termination agreement)
  • Employee exit interview questions
  • Employee authorization to release information
  • Attorney-drafted instructions for terminating an employee in California

Documents to Protect Your Online Business Website

Our document service also includes the following attorney-drafted documents to help protect your online business website:

  • Privacy policy
  • Terms and conditions policy
  • Content and legal disclaimer
  • Warranty and liability disclaimer
  • Indemnification provision
  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act Compliance


All documents are reviewed and updated by our licensed California attorneys. After each review, you will receive updates at no charge.

You will have unlimited access to all documents 24 hours a day.

How to Order


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    “Anderson Advisors” and mail to:

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